1.9 - Update Release


After almost a year we present to you Kau Strzau 1.9 beta!

Yall know why it took so long cause we been talkin bout it many times anyway who cares whats old. Lets say whats new:

  • Profiles - Ye can now play with your whole family (if its family of three...) and compete with them on yer local leaderboard, which now shows up to 10 (YES, 10) scores
  • HUD - We used some clorox and cleared it. It's now much more legible and eye-appealing
  • Animations - Yes, yes it's happening. Now everything (not everything) is animated so the game feels more live and dynamic
  • Textures - Many of them were created from scratch to improve games aesthetic
  • Discord invite - You can join our official server and report some bugs (I don't believe there are any)
  • Other changes are minor and/or not so important to write it here - ye can check them in changelog after all

Btw save-converter is still very buggy and we'll work on it so...


KS 1.9.0 (Windows-downloadable).zip 79 MB
10 days ago

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