A downloadable game for Windows

Try to defend the Earth from alien invasion

Totally original idea

◊ Simple 2D Shoot'em up

◊ Original 8bit-ish soundtrack

◊ Original graphics

◊ 3 difficulty levels

◊ 2 game modes

◊ 18 ship skins

◊ Boss fights

◊ Highscores table

If you have suggestions, found bugs or just wanna join:
KS Discord Server: discord invite

Install instructions

Unzip / Unrar and play :)

CPU: something made in last ~12 years will be enough I guess

Recommended gpu: iGPU with a lot of ram (like idk 8gigs lmao) or a dedicated gpu with like 1GB idk


KS 1.9.0 (Windows-downloadable).zip 79 MB

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fun little game (1.8.3). digging the sights & sounds :)  HTML version, please?

Happy to hear you liked visuals and music! And I hope you'll like the new ones as well. Troll (the coding guy) said we'll make html soon, so we hope it'll work xD