1.9 beta - info 2

Hi again

Sorry for inactivity lmao. You know... this project got pretty boring since I haven't in fact added anything new to the game, just maybe a little changed but it is still what 1.8 had. I think... lack of progress is a heavy demotivator I guess? Anyways, Im gonna have some more free time this week so I'll probably just come back to coding to just finish this thing and finally upload it. From there on, it's gonna be all new things to add so it won't be so tiring to look at (maybe). 
There are like few things to code/fix, but nothing too big.
The plan still is:

1.9 - working version, includes majority of 1.8 features (run through some tests before launch ofc)
1.9.1 - bug fixes from 1.9 if there will be any (probably yeah), + some features planned for that too
1.9.2 - bug fixes to added features / anything tbh

discord: [KS Discord Server] or Troll486#9857 / ProfKalas#6565

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